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At Cash for Cars, Your Licensed AMVIC Wholesale Dealer pays Cash for Cars in Edmonton, we also have a Unwanted Car Removal service for your vehicles. We help normal people everyday who need to get rid of autos in Edmonton. Our Used Car Removal service is a specialty service, that helps you  deal with broken and damaged cars. In such a situation, it will be better if you have the perfect solution available which can help to redeem the cars to an extent.

Our Steps at Cash for Cars Edmonton.

The first step in which we will be able to help will include the very important job of removing the used car from your home or garage or any other place that you want. 

To avail our Unwanted Car Removal service that is quite fast, you just need to call us and inform us about the make, model, year of your car or fill out our free estimate here

After that, we will be able to provide you with the most suitable quote for removing that broken car which you will discover to be the best in the market. Then we will schedule a time for picking up or removing the scrap car which will suit your routine perfectly. The person who will be conducting the removal process will pay you the cash before taking away the car.

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Who Buys Unwanted Cars

Who buys unwanted cars? Well, We are a Licensed AMVIC Wholesale Dealer who pays Cash for Cars Edmonton is the local auto removal service that buys lemons off your driveway. Our experts will come to your house and survey your used Car. We then have our Removal service to take that eye sore from you. We know it is an important decision that you will have to make on your junk car, this is why we are here to help you make a clear decision on the above mentioned topic. Cash for Cars Edmonton will indeed help with whatever that you have been looking for but that does not mean that you can choose the used car removal services without any idea. It may seem useful to just follow the advice provided by our experts, but that may create other complications eventually which are not at all right. 

Now after all these points have been decided and dealt with, it will be time to know about the very matter of removing the broken cars.

If you have a car that is scrap and needs removal, we can help. Damaged or beyond repair, thus achieving the unwanted label, then it will be helpful to know that, we can help you

The pain of selling your broken car!

Despite selling the broken car or its condition, there is quite the possibility that you will still be very fond of the used car. It may have high emotional value for you and your loved ones as well. We understand these situations and that is why; are rather careful while dealing with these scrap cars. We do not handle the removal of the unwanted cars in a hurried and non concerned way, because we do not believe that, just because you are selling the used car, we will have to damage it further in the process of removal.

Are Cars Recyclable?

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So, you will find one simple yet extraordinary thing with us, care. We do care for our customers and their sentiments which you won’t get from any other company. It is something which has made us so different from our competitors. It may sound unusual, but there is no denying the fact that, our esteemed clients appreciate this particular point about us very much. This is something which has allowed us to gain our reputation and retain the same as well. It is indeed a positive feature to set us apart.

So, we can now claim one thing with ease and that is, you can trust us completely. Not only we will take care of the car and offer you reasonable amount of money in exchange, but we also make sure that your favorite or loved car does not get treated by amateurs. We have a team of expert drivers and handlers who can take care of the towing and removal service and then also of the treatment of that car. Indeed that is something which sets us completely apart from others.

Getting your used car removed is very easy now just give us a call at 780-695-3425

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